Google Adwords PPC Management in Leeds, Yorkshire

Use PPC correctly and it’s a very effective way of achieving success. Get it wrong and you could be throwing away thousands of pounds. With a proven track record in helping organisations get the most out of PPC, I offer a comprehensive management service to make sure pay per click works for YOUR business.

Why do I need pay per click management?

  • Expertise. I’ve been running successful PPC campaigns since the concept was in its infancy.
  • Experience. I understand the needs of business. I know what’s possible and I know how to help you achieve your goals.
  • Market knowledge. You need to understand your customer-base. You also need to understand your competitors! What strategies are your competitors pursuing? How does this affect your campaigns? Your marketplace is changing all the time.
  • Results-based keyword research. What are your customers looking for? Through research, skill and experience, I’m able to anticipate this and guide your potential customers to you.
  • Resources. All of the above takes time. It’s so easy to get it wrong – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the territory or running on limited resources.

A service for new or existing PPC campaigns

New to PPC? I want to find out about your organisation, its goals, market and competitors. I will then produce an initial plan of action. After you’ve Okayed it, we’ll launch your first campaign. This campaign will be constantly monitored and tweaked as necessary. What we’re aiming for is quality traffic converting into actual sales.
Already have an existing campaign? Firstly, we’ll assess what it has achieved so far. I’ll carry out a full audit and assess the best ways to move it forward. The assessment process is an ongoing project with the goal of constantly improving conversion rates.

A professional service tailored to your needs

I provide comprehensive one-on-one contact. No need to worry about being ‘filtered’ through a PA or an outsourced technical support assistant! I maintain sole control over campaign management. I’m constantly on hand for troubleshooting advice and in fact any aspect of your PPC campaign. I find it’s the best way to ensure optimal PPC performance.


Campaign management prices start at £150pm (for something small) £250-350 (average sized) £1000pm (huge). Startup costs are generally the equivalent of one extra month’s charge. Costs can be tailored to suit your needs.